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affordablewriting.net review

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affordablewriting.net review and discount


I was looking for a cheap writing service site, because I am a second year student and I don’t have a lot of money. This writing service caught my attention. The site looks very nice. I liked its design when first entered it. All those smiling students look really persuasive. I have never ordered paper online before, that is why I was a little bit nervous, because I didn’t know the whole process. Nevertheless, the information which I found on the site helped me a lot and I understood everything I needed.

Price policy

Prices are really lower than on other sites. I only doubted as for the quality of the paper. I often heard about correspondence of price and quality, that is why I hoped that everything will be ok and the writer will perform coursework of high quality.

Quality of the paper

I ordered a coursework, that consisted of 13 pages with a deadline within 5 days and it costed me $109 ($8.45 per page).


  • It was delivered in time;
  • The number of words corresponded to my order.


  • I found plagiarisms in my paper (about 22%);
  • I found a lot of lexical, grammatical mistakes, as well as troubles with punctuation;
  • Word order was wrong;
  • It seemed to me that this paper was written by a person who speaks English really bad.

Quality of Support

I contacted the support team in order to ask for revision, but nobody answered me. I got angry and decided to ask for refund. I started to call them and to write in live chat. In a few hours admin told me that my behavior is unacceptable, despite the fact that I was just trying to contact them and to say that I need my paper to be fixed. Admin told me that the revision is chargeable and free revision in my case is impossible. I understood that this service is a fake, so I decided not to waste any more money.


  • This site is aimed to win your trust and to fool you by claiming that they have low prices;
  • Nobody really wants to help you;
  • Prices are cheap, but the quality of papers is terrible;
  • I had to fix all the mistakes by myself and it is unacceptable.
  • I wish I didn’t make order on this site, because the support team doesn’t appreciate it’s customers and that is really sad and disappointing.
  • I paid money for the service and I expected it to be done properly. Unfortunately, nobody is eager to perform work as it should be.

I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone. It is not that professional and nobody will fix your paper in case if something is wrong with it.

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affordablewriting.net review

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